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At Ali Travel, we believe that every traveler has unique needs, objectives and expectations for their travel plan.

We have experiences and resources to design and implement a customized trip only catering to your client’s needs. Your clients will be able to experience the captivating culture, history, and languages with our unique products for each destination. We have a team of professional specialists with various backgrounds and extensive experience in the travel industry providing Ali Travel with the necessary skill levels as a one-stop shop for all your travel needs – we’ve been there and done it!

Ali Travel is privately owned, financially stable and innovative with a history of personalized services, effectively proven cost-containment programs and fully established international and national representation.

At Ali Travel we remain committed to doing everything possible to create lasting memories. From itineraries which reflect your interests, budget and time to carefully selected and knowledgeable guides, means of transportation and handpicked comfortable accommodations we strive to give you value for your money. Nor have we overlooked your desire to sample and enjoy the artistic and culinary delights of cultures beyond your own.


Consolidator of airfares to Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, the South Pacific, North and South America.

Pre-Packaged tours, FITs, pre & post cruise programs to Asia and the world.

Independent travel arrangements including hotel, transfer, tour, cruise, car rental and etc. worldwide.

Fully escorted group tours to Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and North America.

Bus Tours within North America, Europe, and Asia Travel Insurance & Visa Services.


Ali Travel – We deliver great memories!

To Our Clients – Provide superior quality services, high quality products and pricing that will exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

To Our Suppliers – Commitment to mutual growth and success and strengthen our long lasting business partnership.


Ali Travel is licensed by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO).